Day The First ..

by dotnetmaster December 2016


Visions of love and hate ... and love ...and love ...

Tags: Me | You


by dotnetmaster June 2016

" I get a taste of blood in my mouth when you're near
A feeling that's too painful to bear .... "

Tags: Me

May the first

by dotnetmaster May 2016



" I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted

Surrender to nothing, or will give up what I

Started and stop this, from end to beginning

A new day is coming, and I am finally free ... "

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by dotnetmaster April 2016



همه چیزهای از دست رفته یک روز برمی گردند

 ... اما درست وقتی که یاد می گیریم بدون آنها زندگی کنیم

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by dotnetmaster March 2016



" I will never accept defeat,

I will never quit ... "

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Army of me

by dotnetmaster February 2016



" I have finally seen the light ....  "

Tags: Me


by dotnetmaster December 2015



"This pain was just too real ...."

Tags: Me

I am you

by dotnetmaster September 2015



" پدر ...  "

Tags: Me | You


by dotnetmaster August 2015



"خنک آن دم که نشینیم در ایوان من و ... تو"

Tags: Me

Mad 66

by dotnetmaster July 2015



انگار روزهای زیادیه که فاصله گرفتم ...

شایدم سالهاست گرفتار این حال غریب باشم 

شایدم قرن هاست گرفتار اون هال قریبم ...

فقط میدونم دارم پر میکشم 

Tags: Me

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