Army of me

by dotnetmaster February 2016



" I have finally seen the light ....  "

Tags: Me


by dotnetmaster January 2016



Is it hard to go on

Make them believe you are strong?

All my nights felt like days

So much light in every way .....


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Day the First ...

by dotnetmaster December 2015



شال اون شال سرخ تو

موج ، موج موی تو

نرمترین حادثه

چه زیباست …دور روی تو



by dotnetmaster December 2015



"This pain was just too real ...."

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Never Enough

by dotnetmaster October 2015



"You'll never be free of me "

Tags: You

I am you

by dotnetmaster September 2015



" پدر ...  "

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Path to Honor

by dotnetmaster September 2015


 ... زنده باد وطن "

"... پاینده باد یاد آنهایی که رفتن و ما شدیم مردگان و آنها مردان جاودان  

Tags: Society

16th of Sixers

by dotnetmaster September 2015


 آدمی زاد خلق شد که قرصهای مسکن را بخورد"

مست خواب شود

خاطرات را توی ذهنش پس و پیش کند

 ... و 


Tags: You


by dotnetmaster August 2015



"خنک آن دم که نشینیم در ایوان من و ... تو"

Tags: Me

It Takes A Lot To Know A Man

by dotnetmaster July 2015



it takes a lot to know a man

it takes a lot to understand

the warrior

the sage

  the little boy in rage

 the father and the son

the hunter and the gun 


to know and love what you live with ...

Tags: You

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